Konsep Hydraulic Seal Manufacturing

A division of Allegheny York since 1982

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onsep Manufacturing CAPABILITIES

We are proud to offer diverse options to meet your sealing & repair needs. Our in-house tooling, extensive inventory and material processing affords us the manufacturing control to provide our customers with faster fulfillment and expeditious shipping. We take pride in our quality products and scrutinize each component prior to shipping to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Rubber Compression

With our 9 conventional & vacuum compression presses ranging from 100 to 600 ton, we have the capabilities to mold a large array of products in a broad range of materials and sizes up to 38”.


  • Injection Molding
  • CNC Compression Molding
  • Large Diameter Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Plastic Injection

    Our innovative five hopper plastics drying system supplies material to our 5 injection molding machines securing a high quality finished product.

    Plastics CNC Machining

  • Plastics Turning
  • Plastics Milling
  • Gasket Trimming

    Gasket cutting requires precision to ensure a tight tolerance and effective seal. Konsep can die-cut or machine gaskets depending on customer’s requirements utilizing our Gerber CNC Router, Easy Bender & computer controlled steel rule bender equipment. Whether it's foam, rubber, ptfe, graphite, Teflon, vegetable fiber or adhesive backed, we have the equipment necessary to ensure a high quality, precisely machined and die-cut gasket to meet your industry requirements.


  • Die Making
  • Cold Press Forming
  • Heated Thermoforming
  • Ancillary Services

  • Bonding
  • Vulcanizing
  • Application of Adhesives
  • Hole Punching
  • Grinding
  • Splitting
  • In-house tooling on demand
  • Material Compression
  • Manual De-flashing
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Available Materials

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    onsep Manufacturing Equipment

    Our State-of-the-Art manufacturing equipment and tooling enables us to have maximum control over quality, consistency and product standards in addition to reduced lead times.

    Compression Presses

    QtyPlaten SizeTonnage
    416" x 18"250
    416" x 18"250-Vacuum
    442" x 42"600-Vacuum
    124" x 24"300
    136" x 36"2500

    CNC Machines

    DMHassorted functionsspecialty seals
    Mori Dura Turn 203010" Chuck/18 tool turretHard plastic, Steel
    Mori Dura Turn 205012" Chuck/Live ToolingHard plastic, Steel
    Trah Vertical MillProto Trah VM ControlHard plastic, Steel
    Bridgeport CNCOkuma ControlsSteel
    Gerber RouterCNC ControlGasket/Trim Dies
    Easy-Bender Steel RuleCNC ControlTrim Dies

    Injection Press

    ManufacturerTonnage (mm/us)
    2014 Sumitomo SE130EV130
    2015 Sumitomo SE75EV75
    2015 Sumitomo SE100V100
    2014 Sumitomo SE50EV50
    1988 Nissei360/400

    Machine Shop

    Auto-tool CNC Machine Ctr1/4" - 24" mold production

    Support Machines

    15-Hopper Plastic Drying SystemResin Drying
    3ClickerTrim & Gaskets
    2Knife TrimmerTrimming
    4GranulatorRecycle Plastic

    onsep Manufacturing PROJECT PORTFOLIO

    Each custom made-to-order component has distinct performance requirements that demand a unique design & manufacturing plan. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers and manufacturing team can easily recognize the individual specifications and requirements of a project, taking on challenges with a proactive and comprehensive plan. Regardless of your business or industry, you need an efficient and reliable sealing component to ensure maximum productivity. The AY Team welcomes new challenges to solve your sealing dilemma. Here are just a few recent made-to-order opportunities where our ingenuity 'saved the day'.
    Sponge Gasket

    Adhesive Backed Sponge Gasket
    Manufactured for: Laird Technologies
    Application: Filter Housing
    Materials: Neoprene, SBR, EPDM

    JD Installation ToolTeardrop Shaped Retaining Groove Filler Manufactured for: Hydraulic Repair Companies
    Application: Install. & Removal Tool for JD Equip.
    Materials: Hytrel
    PTFE GasketPTFE Gasket
    Manufactured for: Mott's
    Application: Food Production
    Materials: PTFE
    Swivel Seal for Aerial Options Swivel Seal for Aerial Options
    Manufactured for: Fire & Rescue organizations
    Application: Turntable Fire Truck Ladder
    Materials: Delrin® 500AF
    Every Day Sealing Needs
    Everyday Sealing Components

    Manufactured for:Industrial, Commercial, Military, Agricultural, Marine & More!
    Materials: NYL, URE, NBR, Fabric, Hytrel, PUR, etc
    Frequently ordered items:Vee Packing Components, Piston Cups, U-Cups, Back-up Rings, Wearbands, Wipers, W Packing, Bearings & Seal Retainers


    onsep Manufacturing About Us

    Since 1982 Konsep Company, a division of Allegheny York, has been molding thermoplastic and engineering grade materials including glass and mineral-filled. We utilize 5 injection presses with a scope of 85 to 400 ton to do both short and long runs. Konsep Company also produces compression molding with 12 presses ranging from 250 to 2500 ton to mold NBR, Viton, Duck & Rubber and other compounds.

    Konsep Company readily manufactures wipers, seals, backup rings, bearings and guide rings to meet your demands utilizing advanced rapid prototyping technology. Parts can be made from over 100 profiles for same-day delivery using our extensive inventory of available materials.

    Time to market should be a critical consideration in your selection process. Our in-house design staff is here to help evaluate your design and material needs. Minor changes in an existing mold design can also dramatically reduce tooling costs, improve part yield, and speed production cycles.

    The largest single cost in the set-up of a production run is the tooling cost. Often manufacturers outsource tooling stage which dramatically impacts the end cost. Our in-house CAD/CAM system, mills, lathes and brand new Bridgeport® Auto-Tool CNC Machining Center affords us the ability to provide in house tooling to save our customers time and money!

    Providing a high quality component congruent with our customer's requirements that is received punctually and satisfactorily are paramount for Konsep. You may rest assured, from start to finish, our in-house design, tooling and state of the art production will meet or exceed your expectations. Tight tolerances, tricky configurations and exotic materials are welcomed by our team. At Konsep Company, we take pride on our ability to take on your most challenging production issues and give you a product we'll both be proud of.