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1 x 2 x .75" Parker® Molythane Deep Loaded Lip Seal PolyPak® A rectangular symmetrical squeeze seal with a knife trimmed scraper lip

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Parker® Deep PolyPak® is a squeeze seal with a symmetrical profile for use in either rod or piston applications. Its rectangular shape ensures stability in the gland. The standard Molythane® shell provides high wear resistance and the o-ring energizer functions as a spring to maintain sealing contact under low pressure or vacuum applications. The Deep PolyPak® straight cut scraper lip design cuts fluid film and moves contamination away from the seal. The sharp edge of the lip is formed by a precision knife trimming process. A wide selection of sizes and alternate compounds allow this profile to match up with many hydraulic applications. The Deep PolyPak® is an economical choice as a stand alone rod or piston seal. Dual Deep PolyPak® seals should not be installed back to back in bi-directional piston applications as a pressure trap between the seals may occur.
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1 x 2 x .75" Parker® Molythane Deep Loaded Lip Seal PolyPak® A rectangular symmetrical squeeze seal with a knife trimmed scraper lip
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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic repair, seal distributors,oem,industrial maintenence

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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic repair, seal distributors,oem,industrial maintenence

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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic repair, seal distributors,oem,industrial maintenence

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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic repair, seal distributors,oem,industrial maintenence

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Hydraulic seals for hydraulic repair, seal distributors,oem,industrial maintenence

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